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Feet Massage Steamer

  feet  steamer

     This steamer is built for daily use on your feet . You work all day on your feet . After work, your feet are swelling and puff up, especially for the people who work on their feet, such as nurse worker waiter  hairstylist  teacher etc . This steamer  steam your feet with Chinese medicine on the bottom of the bucket . The heat and the Chinese medicine will increase the circulation of your feet , make you feel so relex and comfortable. The most important is it will help you to get rid of stress.


Magic finger for your feet

     We have great reflexologists work in Artiva Hair  Salon . They are well trained and educated in reflexology .They know the accupucture point of your feet .   Reflex points correspond to different body organs and systems, and that pressing them has  beneficial effect on the organs and person's general health.  Reflexology can cleanse the body  of toxins, increase  circulation promote weight loss, hemorrhoids, emphysema, heart disease, thyroid disorders or any other health condition.  Come to get your feet massage and maintain your health and happiness.



Chinese medicine for your feet

    All these Chinese medicine is good for your feet circulation , clearing away heat and promoting diuresis. It make you feel so calm and and tranquility.

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